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Join for 3w clinic collagen whitening essence pass to all things beauty! Today, I will be reviewing Philips hair dryer which I have been using for a very long time. Actually, I am kind of nervous because this is my first review ever, and if I make any mistake, then please tries to ignore that.

So, talking about hair dryer, we all know that using hair dryers during winter season makes hair more drier. I have very thick hair which takes a long time to dry up and that is why I bought a hair dryer. My Experience with Philips Salon Dry Compact 1000W HP8100: We all know that Philips is a very popular and trustworthy brand used by lots of people all over the world. So, after seeing it, I just grabbed it without any second thought.

When I first used it, I could not understand how to blow dry because I have never used an hair dryer before, though the instruction manual was provided along, but I was looking for a proper and easy way. It has two flexible settings for careful drying. It also contains a narrow concentrator for focused air flow which is very helpful while using with the round brush. It has a storage hook and this consumes 1000W power. One special feature of this hair dryer is that it switches off automatically when it gets overheated. So, it is safe to use and you can get any hairstyle in vogue.

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