Aloe vera nature republic

With the aloe vera nature republic of the Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel, there are definitely fake ones out there. Even though I’m not an expert, but before I bought mine, I did sooooo much research beforehand. Before you even open the product check the opening lines on the side of the plastic package.

The real one is almost twice as wide as the fake ones. The real gel has shinning water marks on the top, which are made in detail, and when you glide your hands over them, you can feel the bumps of where the water marks are. The real gel has many small air bubbles in between the gel. When you shake the bottle you can hear the «texture», the fake ones sounds very different.

On the back under the scanning bar code the number should start with 880, if it does not start with 880, it means that the product was not made in Korea. The first 8 should be bold, also the website on the left should end in . The print in English on the fourth line on the back should be the same as the Korean letters for the first three lines, they should be bold. There should be  made date printed on the back, it should be printed on top of the other writings. There should be 2 Korean letters at the very end of the date. Those two Korean letters should be slightly narrower than the numbers.

The real gel looks very clear, it has the clarity of water, and the smell should be a fresh aloe smell. The fake ones smells too strong, and you can clearly smell the alcohol. When you apply the fake one of the skin it takes longer to absorb, after it dries if you wash it the texture is very slimy. But the second time you open the product the plastic film should stick to the cap, and you would have to peal the plastic off the cap. Also on the plastic film the name NATURE REPUBLIC on it.

Hope this was helpful to all of you. I DONT KNOW ABOUT THE SMELL. There should be made date printed on the back, it should be printed on top of the other writings. I want to but one online but which website can i use that doesn’t sell fake products? The brand is called Welcos, and I find it to work just fine.

All was real but the data printed, it should be printed on top of the other writings. I also dont have korean letter at exp date. That’s the fake one,YOU GUYS BETTER BE CAREFUL NEXT TIME. I was puzzled by the strong smell as well. Now I’m pretty sure I got a fake item.

I had already used on my face and then i saw this article. But still, is it the fake one safe to use on my face and hand? Coz i think i dont want to waste it. So excited to use this and enjoy the benefit. This comment has been removed by the author. I bought an aloe vera gel in a storr that is called MUMUSO and i can tell that i has the same smell and texture as the real nature republic aloe . From what I saw of your pics of the one you bought, its kinda different from mine.

Now I’m just confused as to what is authentic and what is not. 880 on barcode, 9 non added formulas also included at the back. But the thing is, the first 8 is not bold. The hangul on top of 9 non added formulas are not bold. Starts with 8 not bold, 9 non added formulas not bold and www. If you bought it from the website, its not fake. That’s the official nature republic website.

I bought mine from korea and its the same but definitely not a fake. Hi there, I bought this same one at some Drugstore outlet. Except there’s little bubbles and the plastic itself does not have the nature republic printing. So is it real or fake? Awhile ago, somebody brought me Nature Republic and he said he bought it in Duty Free in Beijing airport. I checked the label at the back of the tube but it’s written in Chinese. I assumed it is fake, or am I wrong?

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