Banana milk

I assure you, these WILL bring all the health-conscious and morally compassionate boys to banana milk yard. What other kind would you want running around on your lawn anyway? The recipe is a rich, creamy, chocolate milkshake made with bananas, avocado and dates.

I topped it off with whipped vanilla bean coconut cream and cacao nibs. It is actually perfection, and I don’t take any credit — as per usual, this is all thanks to Momma Nature. If you don’t like or have avocado, you can use this «milkshake» recipe instead. It basically just has more bananas and is equally delicious, in my humble opinion. I guess sometimes you just need to drink a giant whole food milkshake, not stopping to breathe, and fighting anyone who tries to steal a sip, then of course lick the glass clean afterwards right! I mean, it contributes to a healthy mind and body!

I WILL say that this recipe has a proud amount of fat — but don’t run and hide from me just because I said that, okay? They are super healthy fats that your gorgeous bod needs to thrive. Just keep your other fat intake low on the day you eat this and you ain’t got nuttin’ to worry about. In fact — expect to see your skin and hair look a bit shinier.

To make the milkshake: blend all the ingredients until smooth, adding as much vegan milk and ice as needed to make it thick, creamy and cold. Adjust according to taste, then fill up 3 or 4 glasses. To make the whipped cream: take the can out of the fridge — DON’T SHAKE IT! Open it gently and scoop off the solid fat that has settled on the top.

Add the stevia and vanilla beans and whisk until stiff peaks form. Top off your glasses with it and enjoy the heck out of what you just made. Pinning it nowto make on the weekend! Let me know how it works out. I have been on a banana «milkshake» kick for the past week or so!

Banana, avocado, almond milk, hemp seeds, raw cacao, a ton of vanilla powder, some kale for good measureand topped with raw cookie dough. I’m coming over for breakfast lunch tea time and dinner ok cool thanks. Actually, I’m curious to see what a typical day is like for you, eating-wise? Although I’d use bananas instead of avocado and carob powder instead of cacao powder, this looks SO YUMMY! I love your messy and delicious-looking photos! Love it, and love your blog!

I have a few questions: does someone help you make these desserts? Do you have a little station in your kitchen where you take photos? Do you blog on a Mac laptop? How do you come up with these recipes? The calorie count is 2419 for this recipe, based on what was entered below. I feel like this should come with a warning label! This shouldn’t come with a warning.

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