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Vos it-produits qui font le buzz, enfin sur sephora. Dr Jart croit au véritable esprit de la science et continue à explorer de nouveaux défis en matière de soins de beauté. Tutti i nuovi prodotti da non perdere. Unisciti alla beauty community su sephora. Jart crede nel vero spirito della scienza, nell’esplorazione continua ad introdurre nuove sfide nel campo dermatologico. Jart collabora strettamente con 15 dermatologi di 15 cliniche. Operiamo al servizio del suo pensiero e della sua filosofia in diversi campi dell’arte come la Comunicazione Marketing, il Design e la Brand Experience.

Fedeli all’essenza delle sue idee e utilizzando la massima flessibilità, creiamo valore di marchio. We barely had the chance to discover the ABCs of BB Creams, when a new multitasking formula rolled over the counters, promoting itself as the new and improved product on the market that merges skin care and makeup: the CC Cream. After last year’s it items, the Blemish Balms, proved to be products that catered to women with dry skin, acting as a makeup base or a primer, beauty brands were soon expected to come up with a product that served the needs of more than just those with perfect skin and the need for extra moisture and SPF. Thus CC Creams were created, in an effort to provide a suitable product for both oily skin and acne prone skin, as for dry skin. Moreover, the new creams of the year have a lighter texture, that blends more easily, can actually correct and even out skin tones and offer a wider array of shades that suit both women with pale skin, as well as those with medium or dark skin tone. CC picks up where its predecessor left off, setting out to be the solution to all your beauty problems and the perfect multi-purpose product for those of you looking for cosmetics that cover up blemishes and even skin tone, while treating the skin with long-term benefits. The more you read about the CC Creams vs BB Creams and the difference between the two, the easier it will be to understand which product is right for your skin type.

However, I think it’s safe to say Color Correcting Creams will be more successful among consumers with combination or oily skin in their 30s and 40s, who are turning away from makeup and looking more towards products with long-term benefits, whilst Blemish Balms will be preferred by young women with dry skin with close to perfect complexions, who only need semi-sheer coverage. Regardless, I’ve prepared a guide for you with top picks from the brands that launched BBs and CCs or have announced such products for 2013. CC Cream based on texture The texture of most BB Creams lack the smoothness you would normally need for an easy application, an even stronger issue since the product addresses to dry skin and should have a certain texture to glide evenly and not leave blotchy spots. Finding the perfect product among such an array of Beauty Balms can be tricky, so I recommend using one that has enough coverage to replace your foundation for everyday use and help illuminate your skin, due to its slightly peachy undertone. Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector SPF 15 also has the big advantage of blending flawlessly and hiding enlarged pores. However, if you’re not keen on using the Garnier BB version, perhaps due to the fact that the product is more suitable for dry skin and might not help those with oily skin, I suggest to look at the first CC Cream launched by a western brand, Olay Total Effects 7-in-One Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer SPF 15.

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