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Join for your pass to all things body lotion perfumed! Revlon Love Her Madly Rendezvous Perfumed Body Lotion Hello Ladies! I am a regular at IMBB and visit this blog almost everyday.

This is my first attempt at writing a product review and I am super excited! I thought I might give this one a try. Pamper your skin in the irresistible luxury of rendezvous Perfumed Body Lotion. A gentle caress, it envelops you with its delicacy and absorbs rapidly, nourishing your skin, leaving it softly scented and silky smooth. Smooth all over after bath or shower. As a final touch, add a spray of rendezvous Fragrance or Body Spray.

7 Ways To Make Black Lips Pink! My Experience with Revlon Love Her Madly Rendezvous Perfumed Body Lotion: This body lotion comes in a cute, bright pink plastic bottle, which I find really attractive. The bottle is a little big and may not be travel friendly if you have limited luggage space though. It has a press-on cap, which makes it very hygienic and easy to use and also prevents product wastage. The lotion is white in color and not too thick in consistency as you can see here. It’s pretty light and a coin size product is enough for both the arms and each leg respectively.

It gets absorbed almost instantly and my skin feels silky smooth and non sticky. It’s pretty good for summers and monsoons when my skin isn’t too dry, but I don’t think this product would be suitable for winters because of its light consistency. People with extra dry skin may need to use it 2 to 3 times a day since its moisturizing effect doesn’t last long enough. It has a floral fragrance, which is a little strong initially, but not at all overpowering, I like it. The fragrance lingers for about 3-4 hours at least after which it fades away.

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