Clear powder

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Easy to read, easy to unsubscribe! Please forward this error screen to 74. Powder is one of the most difficult parts of the whole process, choosing one that is. There are literally thousands of different kinds of powders in different colors, textures, and gloss levels.

It is baffling, I spend a huge amount of time selecting colors. EPOXY — These types of powders are very impact resistant and are used when corrosion prevention and adhesion is needed the most. But, they can not be exposed to sunlight as they are not uv stable. They are best left indoors, under the car, or on factory equipment. In the sun, the epoxy coatings develop a whitish haze and eventually look like crap. These are the most common powders, chances are, your powder will be polyester or a blend of polyester.

They hold up great outdoors in the elements and have good all-around characteristics. ACRYLIC — This is mainly used for clear coats. An acrylic clear powder coat will be very smooth and more clear than a clearcoat made of a different type of powder. Also has very good chemical resistance. FLUOROPOLYMER — These have the best outdoor characteristics of all the powders, mainly used for outdoor industrial coatings, most of the powders you will be able to order in small amounts will not be a fluoropolymer. Chrome of being silver and very shiny, it will not actually look like real chrome plating.

The chrome powder coat still has a beautiful and unique look. The downside to chrome powders is they all have to be clear coated. Chrome can also be used as a base coat for other colors, especially candy colors. Candy colors: These come in many colors and they get their effect from being translucent.

To achieve the candy look, the part must have either a chrome or silver powder coat base coat or have an actual chrome plated or polished finish . Here is a wheel coated with a candy powder coat called Shocker Yellow from Prismatic Powders. Wrinkles: These powder coats actually provide a physical texture that you can see and feel. These textures can only be done using powder coating. They come in many colors and many types of textures.

Besides adding the unique textured look, they can offer functionality where grip is needed. The texture actually can provide traction. Clears: Clear powder coat can provide a 2nd layer of protection to your powder coated pieces. You can also enhance the look using a clear powder coat. It gives some colors more depth, especially gloss black when top-coating it with a high gloss clear. Clears are available in different gloss levels and some have added metallic flakes, this allows you to make very unique colors that wouldn’t normally be available. This company has an amazing color sample wall, you can see almost every powder coat color that exists on their metal bottles, check out the pictures on their site.

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