Cream under eye

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Without them, we would be lost — wandering around hopelessly, looking just as tired as we feel. But, thanks to these potions, our puffiness, fatigue, and dark circles get to be our little secrets. Due to a combination of late nights and poor sleep habits, we’ve had more than our fair share of opportunities to test out puff-reducing, bag-demolishing eye creams. We’ve tried the good, the bad — and then we’ve tried the miracle workers. That’s what the laeye creams ahead are — pure miracles. Now, we’re not naive enough to think that a tube of cream alone can fix fatigue.

No, it comes down to a combo of an out-of-this-world product and some serious application know-how. So, we went to the woman with all the complexion-perfecting answers to get the scoop on the best way to apply your eye cream in order to make your gaze its most gorgeous. For anti-aging, here’s what she advises: «Start with your inner eye and apply the cream, but do a little press-and-release motion. Apply your cream in a few points around the eye, and then using your middle or ring finger, place them in the inner corner of the eye below the brow on the upper lid. Slightly press and release, working outward.

According to Czech, with this technique you are working against gravity — and against the lines. When you press your skin, it microscopically stretches, and when you release it grabs the product and draws it into the surface of the skin. She advises that this method is better for the evening and with a richer cream, since the focus is anti-aging and hydration. For depuffing, it’s all about fluid drainage. Now that you know the secrets of eye cream application, read on for our top product picks. Along with retinol, vitamin C has long been heralded by derms as a gold standard of beauty ingredients. Is The Water Where You Live Wreaking Havoc On Your Skin?

Like a celebrity child burdened at birth with a name like Audio Science or Dweezil, toner was at an unfair disadvantage from the start. You’ve got to apply it often and amply for the stuff to really do its thing. There’s no doubt that some of the best beauty products originate overseas. We tested them — and they don’t leave a single mark. When a date moves from the restaurant to Netflix and chill on the couch, I panic about the inevitable shoe removal. Anti-intellectualism might be on the rise, but we’re living in a kind of golden age of innovation where skin care is concerned. Dealing with sensitive, redness-prone skin is not simple or straightforward.

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