Design repair treatment

We also organise septic tank pump-outs Nationwide. We look after every aspect of your sewage design repair treatment system.

SEPTIC TANKS: We organise the emptying of septic tanks and sewage treatment plants for all UK counties. All sewage treatment systems need regular maintenance and emptying if they are to produce an effluent that is of a legal standard. All manufacturers state their recommended service interval for each model and size of treatment tank. Here at Sapphire, we have maintenance manuals and design data for all makes of treatment units. Because we have been in business for a long time, we even have data and maintenance manuals for obsolete models that are no longer in production. A sewage plant that is being correctly maintained according with the manufacturers instructions.

Septic Tank Emptying Arranged by Sapphire Environmental Ltd. Septic tank and treatment plant soakaways that don’t clog and block with solids. Service report after each visit which you must keep for 5 years under the wastewater regulations. A sludge test to decide emptying requirements.

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