Dr jart bb balm

It Cosmetics It’s Your Most Beautiful Skin Anti-Aging Collection May 2018 QVC Today’s Special Value at qvc. Today’s order of business involves a review and swatches of the new the Balm Balm Voyage Vol. I always get super hyped when the Balm released a new eyeshadow and cheek palette dr jart bb balm I really loved the original Balm Voyage so a new addition, I’m up for it.

2 Face Palette includes a new range of nine eyeshadows that can be used wet or dry as well as bronzer, highlighter, two blushes, and two lip and cheek creams. The original palette had 12 shades of eyeshadow and three lip and cheek creams so this time around you get less eyeshadow but do gain more face products. However, in terms of the size you got more product with the Balm Voyage Volume 1. I like all in one palettes as they are easy to travel with and that’s exactly the inspiration behind this palette. It basically contains everything you’d need for a complete face look housed in a fair size palette that skinny and should travel well and easily. It made from a sturdy cardboard with a magnetic closure and a slip cover. The slip cover is very handy because it kinda holds the palette tightly together during travel to avoid breakage.

The outside has the Balm’s typical whimsical art featuring a cruise ship and different scenes of destination like Cuba, Chicago, etc. The shadow wells are considerably smaller than the original palette and weight in at a total of 0. I’d say they are just about the size of the Nude Dude Palette wells. I think the Balm’s Palette formula isn’t QUITE what it used to be. I think over the years it has changed but the formula still performs solidly.

The texture is still very soft, very easy to blend, and quite nicely pigmented. I’d say there is some powdery issues but it doesn’t translate as being dry or chalky. The blushes, bronzers, and highlighters are all nicely pigmented with a soft texture as well. Cheek Stains which are long wearing on my cheeks at a solid 12 hours of wear without fading. They are a bit drier on my lips so I suggest a balm under them or a gloss on top for added moisture.

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