Essence mattifying compact powder

It Cosmetics It’essence mattifying compact powder Your Most Beautiful Skin Anti-Aging Collection May 2018 QVC Today’s Special Value at qvc. Take a look at my review below.

I’ve been spending a majority of my makeup life trying to recapture the joy of Skin Food Salmon Dark Circle Powder. I was surprised and shocked Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder which comes in a similar odd shaped bottle as Ben Nye’s. This talc-based powder also has a lot of the same ingredients but they aren’t spot on dupes for each other in terms of texture and ingredients even though the packaging is very, very much alike. 5 oz of powder and I always find it rather challenging to shake out the powder so I tend to depot it into a sifter pot. This is actually considerably more yellow and pigmented compared to Ben Nye’s formula. Ben Nye’s is a lighter paler yellow where as Makeup Revolution is a more buttery yellow. I find Ben Nye’s formula a little silkier in texture where as Makeup Revolution’s formula is a little thick and more powdery but not chalky.

I’m kind of used to the thinness of Ben Nye’s formula and prefer it over a thicker powder. This isn’t to say that Makeup Revolution doesn’t work as good. It’s not going to take the place of my beloved Ben Nye Banana Powder but Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder is no slacker! It gets the job done, it’s cheaper, and way easier to find now that Makeup Revolution is sold at Ulta compared to Ben Nye’s formula which is a little more challenging to locate in my experience. Read my full disclosure statement here.

Have you tried Benefit bluff dust? I haven’t tried the Ben Nye but from your description they sound about the same. Just another option in the more sheer redness correcting powder. Bluff dust is a little thinner compared to this so yes, more comparable to Ben Nye.

Hi, I was wondering what kind of brush you use with the powder? Do you use a soft broad one like a kabuki brush? I so want to try this for the reddish patches on my face, and I’m yellow toned anyway. I didn’t really like NYX’s banana powder since the one I tried was pressed. When I am applying on my face I like something with lightweight, thin bristles, fibre brushes like mac’s 187 are best for my drier skin also real techniques Setting Brush. I didn’t like NYX’s formula either! Thank you for this timely review.

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