Eye pencil essence extreme lasting

Join for your pass to all things beauty! Who doesn’t want beautiful looking eyes! A Little eye pencil essence extreme lasting can make tricks and shape up your face.

The silky, soft texture of the eye pencil is waterproof, ultra-long-lasting and offers a strong color-dispersion. My relationship with kajal started with Sringar and then moved onto some homemade kajal and then I stuck to Gel liners. Somehow gel liners were a bummer for me, even though I used them for 2-3 years! I slowly moved to eyeliners, as I felt them comfortable and no mess and then used Gel liner only for tight lining. The eye pencil has to be sharpened. The eye pencil looks deceiving at the first, it has a black plastic end that looks like a twister to bring the eye pencil up and only after sometime of trying, I realized that the pencil is a sharpening one.

The eye pencil can be sharpened easily. The eye pencil comes with a cap and it is sturdy enough. 7 Ways To Make Black Lips Pink! I also apply it a little below my waterline and the product stays for more than 9 hours! On the lid, it is a little difficult to get a clean sweep in one go, as I have some loose wrinkles but with smaller liners you can achieve a good look and the product stays for more than 9 hours! Overall, it is a beautiful affordable one from Essence.

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