Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1071800241. You shouldn’t feel like you firming to be in perfect shape to put on a bathing suit, but for those who want to tone up in time for bikini season, the task can seem plenty daunting.

Bikini season also means beach season—fun in the sun season—which often translates to indulging a little more than we would usually. Between the slow-releasing ingredients intended to reduce puffiness, like caffeine and sweet orange, and the massage roller applicator, this lightweight, non-sticky gel really works to improve circulation and tighten skin. One of the original skin-firming beauty products on the market, the tongue-in-cheek name alone has inspired many an impulse purchase. This more under-the-radar pick has a cult following whose testaments really prove its worth. C brighten, while papaya gently exfoliates. Green tea gives this serum its antioxidant-rich firming power.

A low price doesn’t mean low efficacy: Formulated with collagen and elastin, this drugstore favorite smooths out the appearance of cellulite and makes the skin more supple and resilient over time. It’s also wonderfully moisturizing, so you can use it as your daily body moisturizer instead of doubling up on product. The ubiquinone in this concentrated formula—a little goes a long way! FIRMING Daily Moisturizer gradually creates fabulous natural-looking color with a subtle skin-darkening complex. Allow several minutes to dry prior to dressing. You’ll begin to see a subtle development of color within several days. FACE Daily Moisturizer Sunscreen to complete your all-over glow!

My skin has been looking pale and dry since I don’t go out in the sun much. I started using jergens firming lotion and I saw a difference in just 2 days. My skin now has a gorgeous glow, feels and looks healthier. This lotion is the perfect consistency and smell. I LOVE this product, great natural looking color, never have liked ANY self tanners in the past , but this one tans my skin not just darkens my freckles!

This gives me the same result that I would normally get by being out in the sun with a mid-level sunscreen but with thisexcept it allows me to bump up my sun protection AND still get a nice «glow». Even if it wasn’t a sunless tanner, the moisturizers alone are worth the buy. I bought this tan about a week ago and have been using it for 4 days now. My natural sun tan from summer faded very quickly so now creeping up on December I’ve been very pale and wanted a boost. After 4 days of using it after my showers I can already see a dramatic difference in skin tone and my cellulite is looking better too! The smell is ok at first but kind of makes me stink after wearing for a few hours, but a bit of perfume can hide that. I bought this for my trip to Mexico, used it for two weeks before my trip to get a natural glow going, it worked to not only add color to my skin but minimized the look of my cellulite and firmed my skin so I wasn’t embarassed to be in my bikini.

I don’t like the smell that much as it does smell like a suntan lotion, if they fixed that it would be perfect! I had done a lot of research prior to purchasing this product. Without spending a ton of money this was my best option. I also have a friend who recommended it. However I was terribly dissapointed to see how orange it looked on my skin. I also purchased the in shower primer, which I used prior to application of the lotion. I used for three days and color started showing up.

I have fair skin and it was hard to find something that didn’t leave me orange! I use it daily all summer and it makes my skin look amazing. People think I have a spray tan! This is not the best tanning product. I give it 3 stars because it smells not bad and I bought one with black tea in it which I like. I have not noticed much difference in my skin colour changing to be honest, I have been using it everyday for 5 days now.

I notice is an orange colour around my ankles, I’m assuming I didn’t moisturize it in enough even though I thought I did. Jenni from Jenni Raincloud, she’s become one of my very favorite people. For a girlie girl like me, her blog is pure bliss. Some of you might remember me from my post on a Vitamin C serum. I’m a huge believer in DIY skin care.

DIY Eye Cream This easy DIY is full of goodness for your eyes. You could not go to a department store or spa and get this amazing of an eye treatment. If you could-you would spend an arm and a leg! Rosehip Oil is one of the most popular oils for anti aging.

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