Gudetama что это

World’s 1st Gudetama Dim Sum Restaurant, Too Kawaii! But the sleepy Gudetama is facing the same fate as Hello Kitty in Hong Kong, finding itself trapped in dim gudetama что это baskets. Located within the The ONE at Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon, it won’t be difficult to miss Dim Sum Icon 点心代表 with various Gudetama drawings hanging on the walls.

Gudetamas in dim sum trays, kiap-ed in between burger buns, on ramen, all in the form of food. But by lunchtime, the dim sum restaurant was packed full house. Unlike the usual dim sum menu, the Gudetama exclusive menu came with diagrams, English and Chinese description. Taste-wise, skin was thick though still fluffy, not that we were expecting anything spectacular. We hear that the buns are not runny all the time. If a vomiting Gudetama seems too much to take, the next will take the cake. Halloween probably came too early this year.

To be honest, Dim Sum Icon may look gimmicky with its Sanrio character theme centered around a lazy egg, but the restaurant somehow managed to maintain a certain standard in the quality of the dim sum. Written by Daniel’s Food Diary Cafe Correspondent Nicholas Tan. Gudetama dishes seems to be delicious and mouthwatering. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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