Hair black shampoo

Join for your pass to all things beauty! I am a girl who is always unhappy with hair black shampoo shampoo.

I can’t recall the name of a single shampoo that made me really happy. I have a thin and limp hair with an oily scalp, so I always need a good volumizing shampoo. I was still on a lookout for one such good shampoo when I came across this one. Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Volume Shampoo with liquid keratin is ideal for fine, flat or damaged hair. The new repair formula with liquidized sea-collagen cares for your hair without weighing it down. Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Volume Shampoo Benefits.

Ultimate Volume shampoo from Gliss, Suitable for fine, flat, damaged hair, Repairs and gives volume to the hair, The formula contains liquid keratin. They have an amazing range of shampoos. This particular product is for fine, flat, damaged hair. Packaging: All Schwarzkopf Gliss shampoos have the same long bottle. This one is a 250ml bottle and it still looks a little big. The shampoo comes in a blue, translucent plastic bottle with a grey flip flip cap.

This packaging is totally leakage proof, so it is a travel friendly. 7 Ways To Make Black Lips Pink! Texture and Quality: The shampoo is a clear gel type. There is no additional color added to the product.

It contains a very sweet smell. I like this pleasant, floral fragrance, but it doesn’t stay for long. The shampoo is actually runny in texture, and unfortunately I always end up taking excess amount of the product owing to its runny consistency. So, you need to be careful at the time of usage. Only a small amount is needed for my long hair to create a good lather.

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