High gloss lip gloss

Keep your kisser soft by making your own lip gloss! You’ll have a blast customizing and remixing the variations on this recipe to find your perfect match. High gloss lip gloss color, more flavor, more gloss? Here are some great suggestions to get you started on your path to lip gloss glory!

This basic recipe without any color or scent is also a great alternative to petroleum jelly. Let’s end our dependence on petroleum! Carrier oil — castor, sesame, almond, jojoba, sunflower, coconut, olive, etc. Color: beet juice, lipstick nubs, food coloring, etc.

I nuked mine on high for approx 1 min. But I recommend the following to customize your gloss. 8 teaspoon vitamin e oil for its multitude of benefits! 4 teaspoon cocoa or shea butter to make lips oh so soft. 8 teaspoon of your favorite extract or a few drops of essential oils.

I’ve even seen kool-aid drink mix or flavored syrups recommended. Make sure if you’re using an essential oil that you’re aware of its specific dilution suggestions. I forgot to do this with my peppermint oil and when I added orange to that, I created chemical weaponry. The next batch I made used just orange essence. I used the rest of my apple-grape juice to color my gloss. A bit of your favorite lipstick is your best bet here.

Alternatively, you can try food coloring, or even beet juice. You may need to reintroduce your concoction to the microwave at this point. Try 30 second intervals on high. If you’ve used a spouted melting vessel like I have, this part’s pretty easy.

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