Korea cosmetic shop

Please forward this error screen to 104. 15million people worldwide had plastic surgery in 2011 but why ARE South Koreans so much more likely to go korea cosmetic shop the knife?

South Koreans have more plastic surgery than any other nation, astonishing new figures reveal. 2011, 15 million people across the globe turned to plastic surgery to enhance their looks. While the popularity of cosmetic surgery in South Korea may come as a surprise to many, the industry there is in fact booming. Last year, 20 per cent of women aged 19 to 49 in the capital city of Seoul admitted to going under the knife. One of the most popular surgical procedures is double eyelid surgery — which reduces excess skin in the upper eyelid to make the eyes appear bigger and make them look more ‘Western’.

It is believed that the rise of the country’s music industry is behind the boom, and many patients visit clinics with photos of celebrities, asking surgeons to emulate American noses or eyes. Singer PSY, whose song ‘Gangnam Style’ became a global hit, said his record label had urged him to get plastic surgery. Even Miss Korea 2012, Kim Yu-Mi, admitted she went under the knife to achieve her pageant-winning good looks. The student revealed the secret after photos emerged of her looking very different at school, but she said she hadn’t misled anyone. I never said I was born beautiful,’ she told Korean media.

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