Косметика make up revolution

Also found in: Thesaurus, Legal, Financial, Idioms, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. The process of coming into being: trouble in the making. The means of gaining success or realizing potential: That job косметика make up revolution be the making of you.

Something that is made, especially a quantity made at one time. The abilities or qualities needed for development: You have the makings of a fine teacher. The material or ingredients needed for making something: all the makings for an apple pie. Informal The paper and tobacco for rolling a cigarette.

His first job at the factory was the making of him. He has the makings of a first-rate officer. He had the makings of a successful journalist. Her drama teacher says she is a star in the making.

Les problèmes financiers de l’université sont entièrement de sa faute. BUT L’université est seule responsable de ses problèmes financiers. Have you any comments to make? What make is your new car? Violence is just not part of his make-up. Your son has the makings of an engineer.

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