Lightening cream

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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-160153908. They are cosmetic products you use at home to either treat skin pigmentation — which could be anything from old acne scars to age spots, or just uneven skin tone areas — or even just to achieve an overall lighter skin. Mostly they come as a cream, but sometimes a lotion or oil. There are a lot of products available, and the quality does vary. They do however share many of the same ingredients, some of which you will probably want to avoid particularly if you favour more natural beauty products.

It’s all about melanin, which is the pigment that determines the color of your skin. Areas with excess melanin look darker. Areas with very high levels are what we call age spots or moles. Some types of pigmentation will fade naturally over time, such as a sun tan or even acne scars. Others such as age spots will never fade. So in simple terms skin whiteners reduce melanin. But let me give you one quick warning.

You have to allow 2-4 weeks for them to gradually fade problem areas. I know that’s not much fun if you’re impatient like me, but it’s a whole lot better than 2 years or never! It’s very expensive to produce though so you won’t find it in the very cheap products. There’s also good research behind using this ingredient too.

But there’s a good reason it’s commonly used, and there is lots of research to back it up too. Vitamin K and even plain old extracts of lemon juice. The research varies for these, but most have good scientific studies to back them up! But it’s now been banned in some countries, and restricted to prescription only use in others. That’s probably all you need to know about that one! Personally, I like the Meladerm cream. It includes all the key natural ingredients that you would want in a whitening product.

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