Magic flowerpot tangle teezer

Match 8 colours available for both top and teeth! Personalise Upload your own image or use one of our TT designs! Easy Detangling Thanks to innovative two-tiered teeth system technology, our award-winning detangling hairbrushes detangle with minimum fuss, breakage and damage, leaving hair smooth, soft and shiny. Watch our video magic flowerpot tangle teezer see The Original in action.

The Wet Detangler A hairbrush that understands how to treat wet and fragile hair expertly. Disney Tangle Teezer x Disney Collection of Detangling Hairbrushes! The Perfect Blow-Dry Our amazing Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool takes hair from wet to dry, delivering a quick and gentle blow-dry and leaving your hair with naturally smooth volume. Give it a go for fabulous hair! Watch our video to see how easy it is.

Smoothing Tool The tool for a smooth, gentle blow-dry. Round Tool The tool for a voluminous, bouncy blow-dry. The Finishing Touch Our fabulous new dry-styling hairbrush, The Ultimate, will help whip your hair into amazing updos — including the perfect ponytail — as well as back-brush volume and texture into the hair when wearing it loose. Watch our short video to see it in action. The Pink Ultimate The ultimate styling touch hairbrush.

The Black Ultimate The ultimate styling touch hairbrush. Back-Combing Hairbrush The styling hairbrush for big hair. Personalise a gift for your Bride, Bridesmaids or Besties. For something a little unique, upload a photo or your own design to a Compact Styler Detangling hairbrush.

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