Make up base vov

It Cosmetics It’s Your Most Beautiful Skin Anti-Aging Collection May 2018 QVC Today’s Special Value at qvc. It comes, it goes, but it make up base vov truly becomes a trend does it?

It tries so very, very hard but the fad just never catches on. Maybe just maybe this year we’ll finally see the makeup world embracing a glossy eye look. Confused Eye Gloss might do the trick and hey, they even have a red shade. Although, I’m ever so slightly confused about the formula as it looks like more of a cream versus a gloss but hey, who am I to bitch about re-living my Pearl Jam grungy fantasies. Apply it all over your eyes for a quick, easy grunge look or pair it up with your favorite eyeshadows to get a glossy, shiny look! NYX has it available in some safe shades like black and brown but they also have a few daring ones like red. I’m sorry am I fixating on red?

I just have a thing for red eyeshadow. Confused Eye Gloss is available now at ulta. Are we set for an eye gloss trend? Too many brands have tried to make this happen and it never did. WE MIGHT be headed into more grunge looks though. Tarte tried to make grunge happen with all those Tartetist Naughty Nudes Creamy Matte Lip Paints they introduced last year.

We’ll see how this plays out. Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link. Read my full disclosure statement here. There’s always some brand trying to make it happen and nothing comes of it. And agreed, eyes glosses need a lot of TLC to look right! I love the look, but it’s so hard to achieve for more than a few minutes.

They never seem to set, so the second you touch your eye, it’s all over the place. But I haven’t worn them yet. Gonna try this week and see how it goes. These do look more like a cream, which could be interesting.

Great for photo shoots but impossible to keep that glossiness wearing for eight hours or more. The Butter London stuff is great. I have Oil Slick and I love it. I tried to get that set but my Ulta was sold out. I love the look of eyegloss, but unfortunately for the look, I need to blink, and blinking is the death of eye gloss. For those of us with hooded eyes, eye gloss has never been a thing.

What’s the point of it being colored or glittery if it’s hiding in your folds? Might as well just slap Vaseline on my lids for the same invisible moist sensation at a fraction of the cost! Second that for the deep set eyes! I’ll be back here, blinking with added friction. I think eye gloss is best left to the pros lol because I don’t see myself making it wearable. But on a glitzy perfume ad in a magazine? Or a Kate Moss-esque smoking hot ad for some grungy Rimmel eyeliner?

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