Pearl black mask

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Mystic Maya and myself are your only two allies in this whole world, but it’s all right! Pearl Fey is a member of a branch family of the Fey clan. She is the daughter of Morgan Fey, who lost her claim to the title of Master to her younger sister Misty. She would often play with Maya using her ball or hiding in the family’s large clothing box in which the ball was kept. She also became a fan of children’s book author Elise Deauxnim. Pearl first met Phoenix Wright when he first visited the village bringing Turner Grey to Maya to channel a spirit. She was playing with her ball with Maya, but she quickly ran away when Wright tried to speak with her.

While the channeling was taking place, Pearl played with her ball in the Winding Way. Wright found her in the Winding Way and immediately spotted that she was holding the unique key for the Channeling Chamber, which she had found in the incinerator, but she still avoided him. Pearl followed around in Wright’s investigation of Fey Manor, meeting Dick Gumshoe for the first time, and acted as a tutor for Wright in the use of the magatama and the breaking of Psyche-Locks when they encountered «Ini Miney». Pearl later showed up in the defendant lobby before Maya’s trial, worried about her cousin. She had sneaked out of the village, using a map to find her way.

Wright was shocked that Pearl had walked all the way to the courthouse, since it was a two hour train journey. Pearl corrected him as she had not walked, but ran, not knowing anything about a «tray-in». When Wright began to struggle in court, Pearl channeled her older cousin Mia to help him out. Although it was a desperate battle with prosecutor Franziska von Karma, Wright was able to prove that Maya must have left the crime scene before her arrest due to the key that Pearl had given her. This ended the trial for the day to allow more evidence to be gathered. Back in the lobby, Maya was very impressed that Pearl could summon Mia.

Maya asked Wright to take Pearl back home, this time on the train. Upon their return to Kurain Village, Pearl thanked Wright for escorting her home. The young spirit medium was furious at the way von Karma had «bullied» Mystic Maya and was determined to give her a piece of her mind the next time they met. Wright and Pearl talked about the real murderer, with Pearl seeming sad for some reason.

Wright would eventually return, having figured out what had happened to the Sacred Urn. Wright agreed not to tell Pearl’s mother what happened. Not long after, Morgan went with the police, having offered herself as a witness against Maya Fey. Although Pearl tried to stop the police from taking her mother away, Morgan told her that she was only going to be away for a short while. Pearl then asked to go with her mother, but was told to stay and protect the manor. Ini Miney» was arrested the next day for the murder of Turner Grey following Wright’s defense of Maya, and because of Morgan’s role as an accomplice, she was sent to prison, effectively leaving Pearl Fey alone. Morgan had conspired with Miney to kill Grey and have Maya blamed for it, enabling Pearl to inherit the title of Master of Kurain.

With no other known relatives, Wright and Maya essentially became Pearl’s guardians, showing her the world outside of Kurain Village. Nine months after Turner Grey’s death, Wright, Maya, and Pearl were invited to the Hero of Heroes Grand Prix at the Gatewater Imperial Hotel. However, it would be cut short because of the murder of Juan Corrida. Pearl played a small role in Wright’s next case.

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