Petitfee black pearl gold hydrogel eye patch 60 pieces

Growing up in the United States, it was all about putting cucumbers on your eyes to decrease puffiness and soothe tired eyes. We love that eye patches now exist to solve a plethora petitfee black pearl gold hydrogel eye patch 60 pieces beauty problems: tightening the skin, moisturizing, decreasing puffiness, decreasing fine lines and so much more! What’s even better about most of our selected best Korean eye patches is that most of them stick on so well that you can walk around and work and do errands at the same time.

You can use them as a complement to your favorite Korean eye cream. We’ve put all the best Korean Eye Patches to the test and are here to report back to you about the best! Here are top picks for the Best Korean Eye Patches on the market! If you have fine wrinkles that you need to get rid of asap this product is for you. Not only will it moisturize and relieve puffiness it will increase elasticity.

7, those who can not sleep, smokers, those with bad diets, and general eye fatigue. There is nothing too special about the packaging but I do like the simplicity of it. The patches are made of a gel material and firm therefore when I put them on they do not fall off. Unlike other products I have used before, these under eye patches stay on and I can feel them working instantly.

The Hitece eye masks are amazing! I love putting them in the refrigerator to keep them cool, when I put it on I instantly get a soothing, smooth and hydrated sensation. I’ve tried other eye masks but with the Hitece I saw the lines disappear within minutes. If you use this product constantly the more difference you will see.

I have sensitive skin so I’m very careful about what I put on my body. Many times when I put masks on, my skin is so irritated and itchy, but these are one of the products that left my skin cool and rejuvenated. Because they are individually packed, it is very simple to put them on. In addition, there is no mess because you can just throw away the package when done. Etude House’s Collagen Eye Patch was made to hydrate and give elasticity of the skin under your eyes. It is supposed to lighten the bags under your eyes as well as brighten the skin from the collagen.

In addition, this patch is different from the gel eye patches that usually are thicker. Like most any Korean products, the packaging is absolutely adorable. The illustration on the packaging is so cute, I just want to frame it! Instead of getting 30 pieces in a container, this product comes in one pair for one use. I normally am not into heavy fragrances and this barely has a scent. It didn’t stay on very well, but I did like how light and soft it was. Although it did brighten up my under eye circles for about half a day they came right back.

This eye patch is something you can use temporarily but is not a permanent solution for fine lines or dark circles. Filled with collagen, green tea, tropical fruits, tropical fruits, and vitamin E. There are a total of 30 patches for a bargain price! Although this product is super cheap, the packaging is probably why. Most other eye patches that contain 30 pieces come in a container but this product comes in a flat foil package. If I saw this packaging at a store it would NOT catch my eye, and I would probably pass by it. The product itself works pretty well , but the packaging is something that needs A LOT of work.

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