Premium acai berry

If you cannot make it to Brazil, aka Brasil, to taste freshly picked acai berries, here is the next best thing. One of my favorite smoothie premium acai berry: Acai.

Rich in antioxidants, fiber, omega fatty acids and more — acai is a delicious Amazonian superfood that is known for its chocolate-y berry flavor and deep purple color. Today I will show you how to build your own acai bowl, or smoothie. Plus a few shopping and acai brand tips. Dive into purple bliss with ah-sigh-eee. Today, I’m chatting all things acai!

Three brands will be reviewed today! But spoiler, I really do love them all. Samzabon, Amazon Planet and Acai Roots. Spoon-dive into this as a healthy breakfast, lunch or pick-me-up!

But this acai blend is meant to be served in a bowl and with plenty of fun and delicious toppings on top. Acai bowl blends are meant to be thick and creamy, eaten with a spoon like ice cream. On top: fresh fruit, granola, nuts and more. RDA vitamin A, 5,800 ORAC units, 4. 58mg heart-healthy omega fatty acids, 0g sugar and zero caffeine or gluten.

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