Secret lift

Please forward this secret lift screen to 5. I do not sell my work for profit, so there is no monetary need to promote it.

I do not promote my work, as it was in the early times all promotion is if via, word of mouth. Anything I could say is already contained within the entire body of this work. I do not do television, radio or any personal, private or public interviews as I am not the person of interest here. My job is to restore the true children back to their Father and Mother. After that it is up to you the individual.

The Father has revealed that these works should not be used for financial gain. As the Author, I do not receive any compensation for these works, I earn nothing at all. There is no back-door sales or advertising for monetary gain, whether through email, direct sales or any other method. There is also no financial gain from any third-party who sells these works in book format, the author makes no profit, residual or back door compensation.

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