Skinfood salmon dark circle concealer cream

It Cosmetics It’s Your Most Beautiful Skin Anti-Aging Collection May 2018 QVC Today’s Special Value at qvc. How do I skinfood salmon dark circle concealer cream my dark circles? How can I brighten my eyes?

Concealing and brightening eyes will differ for everyone in my opinion. Like snowflakes, dark circles differ especially since we all have different undertones so perhaps you don’t necessarily have dark circles but maybe blue ones or even yellow. Darkness will vary from skin tone to skin tone. I don’t think I necessarily have a major problem with dark circles mostly my eyes suffer from puffiness if I’m working on a few hours of sleep or over computer use and gaming, straining my eyes will make my eyes look tired, puffy, and old. I already have some fine lining combined with dryness so indeed my eyes do tend to look tired. Below you’ll find some of my favorite products and tips to brighten up my eyes, conceal dark circles, and give me a the illusion of looking like I had eight hours of sleep when in fact it was only five.

Don’t neglect the top of your lid and eye area! Lemon Aid is a soft buttery yellow that preps and conceals eyes beautifully. It brightens, it conceals smaller veins, redness, or even darkness around your lid and eye area plus it brightens the entire area up! This is my HG concealer of the moment! It’s a highly concentrated thick, creamy concealer that will hide EVERYTHING! I can’t live with out my cheap as chips E.

Prior to discovering this powder I was scared to death to attempt using any powder under my drier eyes. This is a yellow powder you can use over your concealer to not only set it but also to brighten eyes up and diffuse dark circles even more. This is sadly not sold by Bobbi unless you purchase her concealer palette on QVC as it comes as a set. But it is a great brush!

I don’t use the concealer side but I can’t leave without the bushier blending brush that resembles the MAC 224 but with far softer bristles. I use it to set my concealer with the above mentioned powder. I typically start my routine with Benefit Lemon Aid on my lid and above my eye. Basically all over the lid area is where I place Lemon Aid. Some folks don’t love this product but for the past ten years or more it has been my staple for beginning my routine. After that I squeeze a tiny amount of the It Concealer on the back of my hand and swipe my E. I proceed to swipe the brush under my eyes paying particularly attention to the inner corner.

Bobbi Brown had a video with concealer tips and she was always adamant about placing concealer in the inner corner to diffuse the appearance of darkness and she’s right so don’t neglect this area. After the concealer is in a thinner layer under my eyes I start patting and blending outward. My final step I tap a small amount of the Salmon Powder into the lid and circle my brush in it, tap off excess, and brush it gently under my eyes. My eyes are typically brighter, fresher, and flawless after these simple steps. It Concealer is one of the best concealers I’ve run into recently and I’ve been using it daily since discovering it. I do cheat and try new concealers from time to time or others in my arsenal.

What are your tips for concealing dark circles? How do you start and end your concealing routine? Bare Minerals powder concealer and buff that in. I totally agree with putting concealer in the inner corner of your eye.

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