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964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. She is a wacky anthropomorphic jungle badger, the only descendant of Jebediah Badger, sticks all a force of nature in every way.

According to Bill Freiberger, the impetus for creating Sticks is very often to deliver his message, and represents his point of view and belief system. This is the reason why Sticks will say something absurd, only to be proven correct in the end. In Freiberger’s opinion, Sticks brings a healthy dose of cynicism to the series to counter the heroism of her friends, making her more akin to an anti-hero. Early artwork of Sticks shows she was supposed to have white sports tape for her hair locks and only have one eyelash. The sports tape was eventually changed to auburn strings and she ended up having two eyelashes. Sticks is an anthropomorphic badger only slightly shorter than Amy.

She has orange fur with long thick hair on the back of her head, which she keeps in two locks with auburn strings, and two brown stripes across each of her eyes and bushy round ears that reach the end of her hair. Additionally, she has a peach muzzle with a small black nose, blue eyes and a medium-long bushy tail. Sticks’ attire consists of a tube top and a skirt with an auburn rope belt, each made of worn-down grey fabric stitched together, and tan fur-skin boots, one which has a fur cuff and the other which has metal bands on it. As accessories, she wears a golden band on her right upper arm, a spiral bracelet on her left wrist and a necklace braided with seashells and a gold ring.

At the Awardy Awards, Sticks wore a black one-shoulder dress with white hemlines and black medium-heeled shoes. For cold weathers, Sticks wears a pair of yellow ear warmers, an apple green winter jacket, a yellow scarf, tan mittens with yellow cuffs, and tan winter boots with fuzzy yellow cuffs. For high-altitude trips, Sticks has an advanced white spacesuit with orange boots, belt and arms, and a white helmet with an antenna, cylinders to accommodate her hair locks, and a transparent visor. When playing for the Pin Dashers, Sticks wears a dark blue and white-striped bowling shirt with matching bowling shoes. Her shirt is likewise emblazoned with the team’s logo.

For soccer matches, Sticks has a soccer uniform that includes a white and blue t-shirt with a blue chest logo shaped like Sonic’s head, long white socks, and white shoes with blue laces and red soles. At the olympic games, Sticks wore a pair of black bike shorts in addition to her regular clothes. Sticks is energetic, free-spirited and primal like a wild animal. She has sharp animal instincts, is a fearsome combatant, a tenacious hunter, and will enter a feral frenzy when she is angry. In spite of her background, Sticks is intelligent, especially when in her right element, though her manner of speaking comes off as strange to other people as she speaks in a primitive dialect she taught herself.

While not a tomboy, Sticks is far from feminine and has no understanding of this concept. However, she does have her rare moments of girly-ness. Sticks’ social skills need plenty of work. She always speak her mind, even if it comes across as socially uncalibrated, and her wildness sometimes gets her into trouble during social situations. Sticks has a horrible singing voice, which has been likened to «bagpipes in a wood chipper» and was bad enough to set off Tails’ Disasterometer. Sticks possesses unparalleled and quite accurate animal instincts.

These include an expert sense of smell accurate enough to let her sniff out specific targets, like an animal. In battle, Sticks is a great warrior with fearsome combat skills due to her wild side. Sticks has an uncanny sense of foresight, and often predicts the occurrence of unexpected situations long beforehand. Her imagination and awareness together make her very capable of devising uniquely effective solutions. After eating an Evil Cookie infused with Eggman’s DNA, Sticks briefly gained genius-level intelligence. However, it reverted back to her normal level after being cured.

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